We are proud of our success in breeding healthy, happy Cocker Spaniels. We go to great lengths to select breeding partners, and are always interested in talking to other breeders to improve the bloodlines, not just of our puppies, but for the Cocker breed as a whole. The resulting pedigree assures you that your puppy has inherited the best gene pool from top breeders across the country. However, it is important to know that no animal can be 100% guaranteed to be free of any health problems. What we, and other selective breeders mean, is that any given puppy has a much greater chance of a long, happy life if it's parents and grandparents were healthy.

     Although it may seem like common sense to mate a Champion sire with a Champion dam, about the only thing you're guaranteed is that you're going to end up with is expensive puppies. However, most respectable breeders are very selective when it comes to breeding their dogs. They're not only concerned about the animals' health, but they're also concerned that if they don't know the health, history, disposition, and pedigree of the dogs they're breeding with, the resulting puppies will reflect poorly on their own dogs (and themselves). We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the past 20 years, not just with pet owners, but with other breeders as well. Because of our reputation, we have access to some of the finest breeding stock anywhere. Even within this select group, we spend a lot of time working with other breeders to insure that T-Parti Cocker Spaniels are the highest quality possible.

Willie's Pedigree Bonnie's Pedigree Rocky's Pedigree
Tess's Pedigree Mollie's Pedigree Annie's Pedigree
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