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Here are a quick few to get the ball rolling:

Hi Prospective pup buyers!! I bought a beautiful 5 month old black/white female cocker from Nancy. She is absolutely the sweetest dog I have ever owned!! I did not want to buy a black/white. I wanted a chocolate, but Nancy had this female and said I could keep her for a week and if I wasn't 100% satisfied I could return her in a week. When I saw her, I immediately thought she was beautiful!! That wasn't the best part. She loves to be petted and loves to sit in my lap. I had her months before she ever barked. Now she rarely barks, only when a stranger approaches our door does she bark. She is very easy and cooperative to groom. She is VERY good with ALL sizes and ages of other dogs. She allows pups to tug on her ears. This is the best decision I ever made!! I don't know what your needs are, but if you want a dog with a SUPER temperment, I believe Nancy's dogs are a sure bet! I have been to her kennel and Lacee does not seem to be a fluke. All the dogs I came in contact with were just as even tempered and sweet!! I have found Nancy to be a delight to talk with and very helpful in answering questions. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to write and ask. It may take a while for me to answer. I am off work for 3 weeks for Christmas and will probably not be checking my email every day.
All the best!!

Merry Christmas from Daisy Dickey and family. I'm growing more precious every day. I won 2nd prize in the local dog show in October. My family adores me. I'm spirited and smart. I know several words, my least favorite is "NO". I have learned to bark on command, sit, lay down, and go outside. I have a wonderful home. I sleep with my mom and dad every night (Kay and Bruce) love to romp and play with my brothers (JP and Warren). My favorite toys are my muffies which are puppy dog house shoes (now blind with no noses). I have racoons to harass and squirrels to chase on the deck behind my house. I try to keep them from robbing the bird feeders. I learned to swim in the pool and find the ladder to get out by myself this summer. House breaking was a challenge, but I feel like I've got it mastered finally. I was spayed a few months ago and came through it fine. I saw my first ice and snow today and enjoyed playing in it. Hope you and my biological mom and dad are fine. Tell them hello for me.
Daisy Mae Dickey

The Dickeys also generously included a family photo:

I was just getting ready to write! He is such a joy! He is already spoiled to death! He is so bright, this potty training is getting pretty easy, can't believe it! All I do is say potty and he runs in circles and away we go! He does his business and loves coming back in. Nancy he is so cute! Really pretty, He's got a new mommy and daddy now and he loves us just as much! He also has a new brother ( Kitten, 7 weeks old ) They are buddies already. They just play and play! He is eating and drinking water like a trooper! He goes to the vets Friday! Thank you and your husband for making all this possible! your great people! I will send you some pics after Christmas, we will be takeing a ton of them! You guys have a great Christmas and a happy New Year, WE SURE WILL!
Thank you

Just thought I'd drop you a note to tell you we are all soooo in love here! Our puppy (named Zoe or Zoey) is the sweetest cutest thing that ever lived! She has adapted very well to her new family and entertains often with her funny little antics. (In particular, she plays with this little batman figure that for some reason drives her crazy! She barks at it, pounces on it, sneaks up on's all too funny!) She does get a little feisty sometimes with her little needle teeth and we read we should "yelp" to let her know when it's too rough. Seems to work pretty good so far! Are all your other pups gone now to their new homes? Is everyone as thrilled as us?? Feel free to use me as a referral if you need one for future buyers. Have a Merry Christmas! Hope you all aren't going too crazy in the final week home stretch!

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